Marissa Roeske

"“…check out Mya’s new vest from @K9_align. It’s supposed to help her walk better—she’s an old girl and has hip dysplasia/arthritis. She also has an allergy to glucosamine, so she doesn’t have a ton of options to help her out aside from prescription medications, like Rimadyl (which she takes). The hoomans put the vest on her tonight and she was already moving better and had better posture! We’re excited to see her progress with her new fashion statement!”"

Dennis L.

"“…I emailed you earlier with a photo and measurements for the Green Zone garment. Wanted to say thank you for your help and let you know how amazing this works.”"

K9 HipLign™

The K9 HipLign™ is a first-to-market wearable therapy for canine hip dysplasia.


Product Description

The K9 HipLign™ is the first-to-market wearable therapy to mitigate canine hip dysplasia symptoms and to delay the onset of symptoms if used early by at-risk breeds. It is both an affordable, non-invasive alternative as well as adjunct to other forms of hip dysplasia treatments, including surgery, medication, and physical therapy/rehabilitation.

The garment does not constrict movement as braces do and is not a compression device. Instead, it is comprised of a form fitting, 4-way stretch material which provides sensory input through the dog's trunk as they stand and move, promoting more correct posture. In addition, there are 4 elastic straps which provide a balanced resistance to the muscles surrounding the dog's core and hips which will over time help to build musculature. This, in turn, can help provide more dynamic stability to the hips, which can reduce friction and pain associated with hip dysplasia.

The K9 HipLign is an innovative solution to a common, universal problem.

Product Features

• Lightweight
• Breathable
• Durable
• Washable
• Comfort-fitted
• User-friendly
• Fits both hips
• Clinically tested
• 100% user acceptance by test dogs
• Patented

Garment composition:

66% Nylon
34% Spandex

Care Instructions

• Remove any dog hair trapped in the velcro tips or velcro receptive patches on the garment. You can use a fine tooth comb or flea comb to do so. Duct tape also works.
• Hand wash garment in cold water with a mild detergent.
• Gently wring water out of garment and air dry flat or hang dry.

Do not machine wash, dry clean, machine dry, bleach, or iron. Any such application can destroy or significantly deteriorate the garment

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*Supervision is recommended while garment is on your dog.

*Consult a veterinarian or canine rehabilitation practitioner to see if this product is suitable for your dog’s condition.