Telltale Signs

How can you tell if your pet is experiencing joint pain/issues?

Here are some telltale signs that your pet may be experiencing pain or an onset of joint issues.  Please be advised that these are general signs and can also be indicative of other problems, so if you see any of these signs, consult with your veterinarian so an accurate diagnosis can be made.
1) Is your pet slowing down on walks, or can't go as far?  Are they sitting down intermittently or refusing to move beyond a certain point?
2) Is your pet slow to arise out of a lying down or sitting position?  Do you see them limp for a few steps when they first start to move?
3) Is your pet more lethargic and less active during the day?
4) Does your pet pant more than usual, especially without having just done some type of activity?
5) Does your pet seem more restless and can't settle as easily, especially at night?
6)Has your pet started to hesitate to jump in/out of the car or hesitate going up/down the stairs?
7) Does your pet have trouble walking on hard surface/slick floors?  Have you seen them slip and/or fall on smooth surfaces?
8) Do you find any areas of increased heat over their spine, hips or other joints as you run your hands over their body?
9) Do you find any areas of tenderness (usually indicated by flinching, twitching of their skin or other signs of discomfort) as you run your hands over their body?
10) Do they seem less interested in food, toys or greeting you when you get home?
If you notice one or more of these signs, make an appointment to see your veterinarian or a rehabilitation-trained therapist/veterinarian.  These practitioners can provide a thorough hands-on exam and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment options.

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